HIV/AIDS Awareness Through Dance

Applied Drama and Theater As an Interdisciplinary Field in the Context of HIV/AIDS in Africa, was an interesting article (exert of a book). All different disciplines coming together to create a truly educational experience that was entertaining. I never really thought about dance being so educational, I usually saw it in a more as beautiful entertainment.

This experience combined health, history, dance, story telling, and poetry all together to tell the stories of HIV in Africa. Not only were the disciplines varying, but so were the people involved. There are dancers, teachers, choreographers, and was a collaboration with the Ministries of Education and Sport (MoES), the Ministry of Health (MoH), UNICEF and School Health Education Project (SHEP).

All of these different organizations came together to pull knowledge from all

Photo by Daniel Dudek

different areas to create a final piece. This article was more like a book that covered all of the different interworkings of the performance and the steps it took to get there. The table of contents has it broken down so well. Each section is written by someone else and their point of view. Patrick Mangeni and David Kerr wrote about Setting the Scene when Alexandra Sutherland wrote about Innovation in Research Practice/Theory and the names and sections go on and on.

To me dance is one of those very interdisciplinary areas. Depending on the story that is being told there is a different discipline that is the main focus using dance to convey that message or story.



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3 thoughts on “HIV/AIDS Awareness Through Dance

  1. I liked hearing about this work in class. Reading about it now, I am struck by your own widening appreciation of dance as an art form that can have many effects, but also of multitude of disciplines embedded in the projects that the book covers (dance, health, politics, education, etc). This book would surely be of interest to a number of our dance IDS majors…

  2. Hi Ayla, I enjoyed reading your article. This was a truly unique way to represent what interdisciplinarity is all about. It was a fun read, and such such a good cause. I certainly have never thought of any of these ideas before. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I love this article. Combining such drastically different areas of studies for such a good cause is very eye opening.

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