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As you might have noticed, the month of March was very busy for me. I took my communication skills and upbeat attitude to the streets to talk about feminism. Throughout that month I interview a new person or persons every day on their thoughts regarding feminism. This was mainly to draw some attention or traction to the lovely rheum of twitter that

feminism is not dead, it affects people of all walks of life, and inequality if still prevalent.

My daily tweets opened the doors for conversation among my peers, co-workers, and professors. This project has really uncovered some truths for people, and for myself.

I have 31 tweets (add a few in for the longer tweets) and some blog posts about this experience. Being able to go out and talk to so may different walks of life about what I am truly passionate about was an experience I will never forget. This project did more than affect the community (I hope that happened) it really affected me.

Some of my highlights included, but are not limited to, 1) talking to strangers about feminism. When you are talking to someone you have never met before you never know what is going to happen. There is a 50/50 chance that they will not have the same views as you. 2) Starting new conversations with friends and families. This was interesting as well because you think that you know the people that surround you all of the time, but sometimes the answer isn’t always what you expect. 3) Learning about what my true beliefs are. I always considered myself a feminist, but this project really affirmed it.

Why did I do this project you ask? Well I wanted to highlight Women’s History Month in a trendy new way. Twitter seemed like a really cool way to convey this message. I wanted to be able to figure out where I stood on so many issues starting with this one. Also my program in Interdisciplinary Studies is Women’s Health, which this project tried to encompass these multiple disciplines.

So much of the time when I saw things about feminism it was very one sided. There is either a woman with a sign, burning her bra in front of a state house or a prim and proper woman saying that they are not oppressed. I wanted to promote the message that this is not always the case!

But, here are is my interview with fellow feminist, Cassidy Spencer.

And secondly is my personal reflection on the project and what it did for me.

I really hope that my peers learned from my tweet a days! This was really fun for me and I learned so much.

But Ayla, how am I supposed to find all of your tweet

interviews? Do I have to go through your twitter to find them all?

The answer is nope! All of my tweets have been put into a wonderful slideshow like model for your enjoyment and viewing purposes!

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One thought on “Feminism Man

  1. This Storify is one of my favorite things from the whole semester. I loved also reading about the conversations that you opened in talking to people about feminism for the tweets. The project was fun, impactful, provocative, and smart– just like you!

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