Senior Seminar Summary Synthesis… Try Saying That 5 Times Fast!

This is it. This is for all of the marbles. The last post. The “what did you accomplish after all this time”? So here we go!

I entered this major about 5 months ago. I know you think I am crazy, and you are right, because this was a lot of work for one semester. Both the intro class and the seminar class together is a lot to handle. But because of the support of my classmates and fellow IDSers I got it done!

Building my program backwards was a lot easier than I thought it

would be. I had a large interest in health (hence the prior health education major) and I had taken many of the classes in the Women’s Studies minor. So basically I just put the two together. That was the only easy part. I still had to get approved and figure out which classes I was going to include into my contract.

The Feisty Feminist Herself

I settled on a program of Women’s Health. With my general focus being on feminism and childbirth. I am and always have been very interested in the birthing experience.

Senior Seminar was unlike any other class I have ever taken. So much of my education was up to me. I had choice and that was amazing. When learning about the Applied Project I had so many ideas. I settled on a feminist movement project. I tweeted every day in the month of March interviewing a different person on feminism and their views of it.  I interviewed all sorts of people. I interviewed my family, peers, professors, coworkers, even strangers! Anyone I met I wanted to know what they thought about feminism. This was a truly interdisciplinary project in general. I used technology (twitter), communication skills (interviewing), women’s studies (feminism) just to name a few different disciples. This contributed to me as a student and as a feminist. I figured out what I truly believed in and that is not something I can really say about the pre calculus class that I took.

My Research Article I was not as passionate about as my Applied Project. It’s not that I wasn’t excited about childbirth as much as I once was, it was that I am not a “research writer”.

It is just a skill that I was never really good with. Anyways, I researched the different kinds of childbirths. Where can you have a baby? Who can be there? What kind of professional can I have there? Are epidurals dangerous? What is the right choice? And the answer is that there is no wrong or right way someone chooses to have their baby. I did and still do want to be a doula or midwife one day and that’s why I wanted to know all of these answers. Because no two births are the same, being able to hear and read different women’s stories really taught me a lot and solidified this life choice.

Happy Ayla!!!

The things that I have learned in the last 5 months are unlike anything else. IDS came to me during a really tough time in my life. I was going to counseling on a triweekly basis, I wasn’t eating or sleeping, I really hated myself and that is really hard to admit. I hated where my life was and what I was doing. Then I found my hope. I wanted to feel like my education and time here was worth it all. I wanted to walk across that stage and feel like this wasn’t a

waste of my time or life. And I can say that this is true. I will be graduating on Saturday and I am proud. I am proud of myself and that is all I need. So to say that this class and these two assignments contributed to my growth and education would be an understatement.


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