The Future is Looking’ Bright

This is the “now what” of senior year. The dooming questions that we have been hearing for years. Most of the time when I tell people what my major is

My New Backyard!!!

they get that glazed over look. They ask what I’m even going to do with that and how I just “made up” a major. Little do they know that I developed my own criteria that is unique to me and my experience!?

Women’s Health is my program. Each class was hand selected to create a program that was perfect for what I wanted to do with my life. I’ve always had a fascination with childbirth and mothers and children. Am I going to be a midwife like I once thought… maybe! This is still something that I am so passionate about and would be so happy doing.

However, I have just went through the college selection yet again, but this time for graduate school. About 9 months ago I had a “ah ha” moment. This same moment I longed for for years before I found IDS. I have

Me at a College Fair for PSU

constantly been trying to fit into a box that I just don’t fit into. I had the first part of my “ah ha” moment working in the Admissions Office for the past three years. The actual moment didn’t happen until this past summer.

I have worked in the Admissions Office since Sophomore year. Meeting families, giving tours, and spending just about every single Saturday waking up at 7:30am to stand on stage and talk about Plymouth. But, honestly I wasn’t even sad about it. I loved waking up and feeling the crisp Fall air on my face in October on my walk to the Silver Center because I felt like I was making a difference. The people that I have met and the places I have been able to go with Admissions changed my life, literally. So I got to thinking. How could I combine my passions for admissions, the college journey and my love for working with families all into one? School Counseling is what I was left with. (Well it was a bit longer of a process than that..)

Once I figured this out all of the pieces started to come together. I would spend my late nights at the HUB Info Booth researching grad schools and programs. I became a master at excel comparison sheets and fluent in the admissions jargon. The GRE was the brunt of it. Basically the SAT for grad school, except worse. After I took that test I had narrowed the search to three schools, two states, and one economically struggling person (me).

I have been so fortunate to have been left with making a decision of where to go. I was really hoping that I would only get into one school or have the answer come to me in a dream or something, but that was not the case. The

Finally made it on top of Boyd

pro con sheets were endless, the emails from schools repetitive and still there was no clear choice for me. This was until I got a call from my boss in the Admissions Office. He asked me to come in because we needed to talk about something. Of course being the anxious person I am I thought he was mad at me for skipping my office hours that week. When I walked into the office everyone was minding their own business as I walked down the hall, as I turned the corner everyone shouted “congrats!!” and gave me a cupcake and some super sweet gifts for getting into Plymouth’s School Counseling Program.

So, I guess in the end the decision was made for me because that same day I went to Jim and Denis’ house for pizza and to do my laundry (these are the men who’s house I stay at all the time and watch their dogs). They had known that I was applying to Plymouth and were excited for me, but didn’t know that I had gotten in yet. They asked me over dinner if I was interested in moving into their guest house in May to watch the dogs for the summer while they traveled and said that I was welcome to stay for the next two years if I ended up attending PSU.

I am truly blessed with the amazing and kind people I have met here at Plymouth and I am so excited for what the next two years bring. But, there is always things to do. My next mission is to lock down a grad assistantship, and hopefully it could be something career services related. It sounds corny, but I love proof reading resumes, cover letters and relishing in the experience that others have when they get their first job, or into grad school!

The future is looking’ bright people, and I don’t even want any sunnies.

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One thought on “The Future is Looking’ Bright

  1. Congratulations! We are so lucky to have you a bit longer at PSU!

    Your focused and ambitious approach to planning your future is beautifully complemented by your open spirit and warmth, and it’s a winning combination. I love how you build community and relationships as you progress through your studies; our program has certainly benefited from this! Looks like a bright future on the horizon here!

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