Where Do I Go From Here?

So here I am, in my senior year of college. I’m awaiting my entry into the “real world” but first I have to get that $120,000 piece of paper and a handshake. Honestly, that’s not what I think my education is, I want to walk away with something that I am proud of, something that I have accomplished that I can bring to employers and be like “Hey! Look at this amazing thing that I did!”

Article Ideas:

  • I’m really interested in reproductive rights across the country.
    • Even though America is the same country, each state varies on their rights.
  • What I find very curious how childbirth and women’s health care has evolved over the years.
    • I would like to take a deeper look into what causes these trends in how women choose to have their babies; i.e. natural with, C-Section, induced ect.
  • Another topic of interest of mine is midwifery vs OBGYN.
    • These are both professionals that a pregnant woman can go to for pre and post natal care. I think that midwifery is making a comeback in today’s naturopathic world and the trends would be interesting to compare.
  • Young women’s health has also been a topic on intrigue of mine.
    • What is out there for resources for these young women? What information are they receiving in public schools? How do professionals reach them? These are all questions I would like to know the answer to.
  • Lastly, is self esteem and empowerment for young women.
    • I believe there is a true lack of education and empowerment for young ladies in today’s society. Why is this? How can we change it?

Applied Project Ideas:

  • I used to work for the SAGE Center on campus, but sadly that is no longer a resource for us. I am interested in bringing back a resource or something similar to this back to campus.
    • Two years ago we not only lost the Wellness Center but also the SAGE Center. These were both places where one could receive advice, have access to advocacy, and links to further resources for gender and women’s health needs.
  • I am very interested in women’s empowerment, especially for teens and younger women. I would like to volunteer or be a part of the Young Women Day that Plymouth hosts every year.
  • I have been in contact with the Pemi Youth Center and have shared with them that I am interested in writing a young women’s empowerment curriculum. Since I have already written curriculums and am passionate about the need for this type of education it seems like a good fit.
  • I think it would be interesting, and kinda weird/maybe gross (but it shouldn’t be because it’s a normal part of life!!!) to document different women’s experience with their menstrual cycles. Wether this be through stories, photos of feelings, or art. I think this will be an amazing way to celebrate the amazingness that is a woman.
  • I would love to coordinate and implement a Slut Walk in Plymouth. This is a national thing that happens every year and at a time like this in the world I think it is necessary to bring awareness and education to rape culture.
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7 thoughts on “Where Do I Go From Here?

  1. Of course I love all of your RA topics, but it strikes me that #2 and #3 are not things I usually read about in student work, so they really got my attention!

    1, 2, and 4 in your AP’s look especially focused and compelling to me, though I confess that the menstrual topic seems like it could be REALLY wild and interesting. #1 might be a challenge, but losing SAGE and the Wellness Center is a huge feminist tragedy on campus, so doing something related to those losses seems timely and important.

    Exciting ideas!

  2. Number 2 for your research project is actually very interesting. I am currently learning in an anthropology class I am taking that women used to die frequently after child birth, and this has since dropped immensely. The ways women have discovered to be the best for newborns is fascinating research. I really like number 2 for your applied project as well. Children really need the extra support in many ways, and I think this would be very impactful. I think a challenge may be the lack of availability at the center to perform these.

  3. Awesome ideas you have! For your research ideas I really liked the idea of researching young women’s health. I think it is a very important topic and you would learn a lot of information that you could use after graduation to really make an impact! All of your ideas are great, but for your project I really like 1 and 3. They are both something that could make a lasting impacting on Plymouth and the surrounding community and I think you would get a lot out of doing these projects. I can’t wait to see what you go forward with!

  4. Ayla,

    I love each and every single idea you have stated for both your research article and applied project. You seem to be very passionate about women’s health and rights and I think that is so important to study especially with everything going on in our world right now. I believe women need to be confident in themselves and I think many of your applied project ideas will help educate many on these type of important topics. I think your idea of how childbirth and women’s health have evolved over the years will be a very interesting yet exciting topic to study!

  5. I LOVE all of your ideas! They are so interesting and compelling to me. I think for your research paper, a really interesting topic will be the reproductive rights – not even just in America where it is currently changing, but also in other countries. I have learned in my past classes about women being murdered if they were pregnant and not married as well as many other unethical, scary things.

    For your project, I think it would be awesome to do the Slut Walk and I think A LOT of people would take part. I know I would 🙂

  6. Visually speaking, this website is a breath of fresh air! The colors are amazing, and the wording is like a pop of friendliness.
    The way this is organized is professionally, clear, and is easy to read and understand. This post is based on what you are interested in, and I think you grasped the concept and hit a home run. Your thoughts for your project ideas were unique, and they all wrapped around the topic of your major. The only complication I see (maybe) occurring is making it interdisciplinary, but I know you will have no problem with that!

  7. Your ideas were all really awesome! The one that I thought would be most beneficial was your first applied project idea about bringing back some type of resource since the SAGE center and the wellness center is no longer available to our school. I was informed about the SAGE center in my feminism class that I took my sophomore year (which I think you took with me) and it seemed like such a unique program that students could really benefit from, so I think it’s important to bring back something just like this!

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