Wait, I get to take my final home???

Coming into IDS as a senior in my last semester was definitely interesting. Coming into such a tight knit group of people that are all so passionate was surely intimidating, but everyone welcomed me with open arms. They all got excited to follow me on twitter, retweeting my feminism posts and tagging me in things they thought I would enjoy. I didn’t really know what this course would be like. If you said the words Open Pedagogy or Open Education I would have looked at you with a furrowed brow and promptly would have googled it. I thought this class was just about building your program and that was pretty much it.

When I first started I figured Interdisciplinary was a hodgepodge of different courses, subjects and disciplines that seemly had nothing to do

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with¬†each other, but somehow all worked together. At first I was really worried that my major would not count in “the real world” which is terrible to say, because I am finally doing what I want to do. But now my concept of IDS is so much bigger and better than before. I am not worried, but proud of what I did in my short time here. My definition is still the same as before, but with a much more positive spin.

Having a class literally be Open was so strange to me. Having choice was so bazaar. Being proud of my work was different. Posting our work to the world wide web was an experience. The things that I was saying was out there for the world to see. People were reading what I had to say, and they were appreciating it and reading it, commenting on it, and even rebloging it. I felt proud of my education for the first time in a long time. I wasn’t just completing an assignment for the grade, but I was allowed to put my voice into everything that I wrote about. Open Education is so interesting. Writing the textbook chapters really let me use my creativity and my love for lesson plan writing to help with the future of the program. That is one of the best experiences that I can take from this course. Also learning about ePorts and blogging was a blast. I am not tech savvy by any means and to have several people tell me that my blog was awesome or beautiful meant so much. Being able to connect with other professionals across the country was truly amazing.

I think that interdisciplinary should matter to universities because it really involves the student with the education that they are paying for. Having a hands on approach where students make the connection and discover themselves is so instrumental in a students growth and education. I am not the same student or even the same person that I was 12 weeks ago. The things that I have learned in the last semester will stay with me for the rest of my life as an educator, but I can’t say the same thing about that one assignment that was needed for me to pass composition about a topic that I will never remember.

My hopes for the future could go on for posts and posts. I want to be a successful school counselor. I want to get my doctorate in human development. I want to have a family. I want to be happy. I want to learn how to live with my anxiety and not have it control my every move. I want to teach and be a support to my students. I want to love and be loved.

Clusters in general are a huge move for the university. But I can see them helping and hurting the IDS program. I hope that it is the helping part. IDS is a resource that the university can use to strengthen the Clusters Approach. I hope that IDS stays a family and a unified force

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through this, but also be open minded. Think about it… at one point IDS was thought to be something crazy and bad for the university. It’s seen as a last resort or a “made up major”, give Clusters a chance and believe in your university and education. Be proud.

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One thought on “Wait, I get to take my final home???

  1. I can’t imagine you not being successful in every endeavor you take on, Ayla. Your contribution to our program has been truly amazing, especially given how short a time you have been with us. Your leadership in our classes and in our student body, and your ability to leverage your student government experience to assist your IDS scholarship and vice versa has been so impressive. The cluster initiative has benefited from your careful contributions, and I wish you would be here for the next five years to help guide us through, offering a student perspective on the development of these new ways of working. You are a pleasure to have in our program on every level!

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